Trump on a leash,Dodd-Frank Act and China

We now have some idea what the outcome would be if the Trump administration legislates off the spectrum (passed laws to legalise the discriminate of a group of people, based on religion, ethnicity which is what the Nazi Party did in Germany prior WWII).
Trump's controversial immigration ban is currently testing the firewalls of the constitutional democracy.
US District Judge James Robert has temporarily blocked President Trump's immigration based on the fact that it could contravene the US constitution (in other words the courts are debating whether or not the president's order is legal).

But what then followed was a familiar barrage of Trump's twitter bullying and belittling rants of this "so called judge" whose "ridiculous" opinion "essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country".
Is the former New York billionaire maverick property mogul a genius? Is Trump an expert in constitutional law, an eminent scientist in global warming (which he refers to as a hoax), does he know more secrets than the former head of the CIA (which he referred to as leaker of fake news)?
How much longer can this US president show contempt for the courts, the constitution and publicly insult (and damage) the reputation of the civilian foreign intelligent service without consequences? At this rate Trump could very well be removed from his position as the head of the US government, in other words, Trump could be impeached. So the possibility that congress quietly making moves behind the scenes to impeach Trump might need to be considered.
Perhaps UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was bang on the money when he said last year that President-elect was "unfit" to lead America and even of "playing the game of the terrorists".

Boris Johnson carries out screeching U-turn on Donald ...

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson carried out a screeching U-turn when he said he was "looking forward" to working with Donald Trump. Last year, Mr Johnson branded ...

So is UK PM Theresa May in a desperate attempt to rekindle that special transatlantic relationship unintentionally cuddling up to a despot?
Even if Trump has the makings of a dictator the firewalls to protect the US from a potential dictator appear to in place and working. So the parameters of how far a disruptive administration can push are being defined by the US constitution, the separation of the three branches of government, executive, legislative, judicial and the upper house. Trump is being kept on a leash and would probably be removed from power (worse case scenario) if he doesn't toe the line.
In a few words, the US remains a strong democracy with checks and balances in place. Moreover, domestic politics is likely to become boring again (just how investors like it).

But this current president (like previous presidents) has a big metaphoric hook on his back too.
Wall Street's mighty investment banks (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan) all lobbied against the Dodd-Frank Act which was signed by the Obama's administration in 2010.
In short, the Dodd-Frank Act incorporated the Volcker Rule which enforced the separation of investment and commercial business of the banks. Moreover, the rule prevented proprietary trading(where the traders trade stocks, bonds currencies, commodities, currencies with the firm's own money to make a gain). These rules came into being following an extensive study into what caused the financial crisis of 2008. Unchecked Wall Street greed and client/firm conflict of interest were all identified as causes of the last crisis.

So who benefits from rolling back the Volcker Rule?
In a few words, the big commercial banks and brokers at the cost of the investor and pension funds, in other words, it is a move against the very people who Trump vowed to save.
Goldman Sachs along with JP Morgan argued that they were too constraint by a system put in place by the Dodd-Frank Act. So with Goldman Sachs alumni occupying every important financial position in Trump's administration which in reality is about cutting out the middleman (the lobbyist) and going direct (they are now in Trump's cabinet), it becomes clear that the big banks would legislate to roll back the rule to ensure their gains.

But what happens when greed in the greediest place on the planet (Wall Street) is left unchecked?
It is not too difficult to see that all this has the makings of the next financial crisis.

The puppet masters (who are no saints) have their new puppet (useful idiot) on a string too.
Trump's bullying, insulting negotiating style the belittling of the other side could all be part of "the art of the deal". For example, Trump's humiliating and threatening phone call to Mexico

Report: In a 'humiliating' and 'threatening' tone, Trump lambasted Mexico's president during a phone call

The reported details of the call would mark a new low in US-Mexico relations.

might be an effective style when the opposite side sitting at the desk is holding a weaker hand but it might not work well when the other party holds jokers.
Trump style is likely to be dangerous and ineffective when the other side is a nuclear power (he will not be able to bully a nuclear country).
What's more, when China (a nuclear power) feels that its reputation is compromised, has lost self-respect, has lost face "Mianzi" they will be provoked into war.

When Your Chinese Employees Lose Face, You Lose Them

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Will the puppet master then rein in the useful idiot's leash?
Here ara a few clues; US deficit is $20 trillion and rising.
China owns approximately $1.1 trillion of US treasuries

Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities

Estimated foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury marketable and non-marketable bills, bonds, and notes reported under the Treasury International Capital (TIC ...

The US cannot default on the debt because it would cause the collapse of the western financial banking system. US Treasuries (intangible assets) are pledged as prime collateral to raise finance amongst the major commercial banks. If the US defaulted on its debts the bankers can't foreclose on worthless paper, unlike a property it has no intrinsic value. Such an event would cause the collapse of fiat USD hegemony which serves the chosen few at the peak of the food chain.
Germany, Japan and China are all major industrial economies with one difference-all two except the latter had been flattened by war.
China is a rival manufacturer and US's is heavily indebted to it.
Steve Bannon: "We're going to war in the South China Sea ... no doubt".

Steve Bannon: 'We're going to war in the South China Sea ... no doubt'

Only months ago Donald Trump's chief strategist predicted military involvement in east Asia and the Middle East in Breitbart radio shows

So the writing is on the wall- $1.1 trillion of debts wiped out and many millions of people sacrificed.
Are we not much more than human life stock, an asset/liability entry in a ledger?